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St. Pete needs a children’s book store!

Last weekend I attended the 2nd Birthday party and awards ceremony. It was held at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa and featured an incredible brunch buffet. Everyone had a great time and I met many dynamic Tampa Bay people.

One of the most interesting people I met was Olga Bof. She is an energetic, engaging woman with lots of ideas. One of the most interesting ideas is the opening of a children's bookstore, called Cheeky Monkeys Books & Toys. It's mission is to instill a life-long love of reading in children of all types. This will be  a solid local community resource. Check out Olga's video:


Here is how you can help:

Olga is currently competing for a $50,000 grant in the August round of the Pepsi Refresh Project to help get the children's bookstore a start. Hundreds of thousands of applicants attempt to enter the competition every month and Cheeky Monkeys is one of the lucky ones in the “Neighborhoods” category.  You can vote EVERY SINGLE DAY IN AUGUST IN TWO WAYS:

You can also help by spreading the word TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. If you'd like to contact Olga to get involved or see how you can help, you can email her. You can also follow Cheeky Monkeys on Facebook.

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I've voted today!    Have you?

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