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CooperVision Gear Up Grants

At Bright Eyes, we try to stay current in the opportunities given to our patients. As contact lens companies go, it's usually in the form of rebates and annual supply savings. Recently however, one company has gone above and beyond the product savings to offer an opportunity in an activity many of us and our kids participate in but usually don't associate with wearing contacts: athletics. Contact lenses are a necessary piece of "equipment" in many athletes' gear bags. Because glasses are cumbersome and can even be dangerous in certain sports, contacts are a comfortable and healthy alternative that give athletes a crisp and complete field of vision.

CooperVision, a company that manufactures, among others, the Proclear, Biofinity, Biomedics, and Frequency line of contacts, is holding a contest in which it will award ten prizes of $2,500 to athletic teams, athletes, or even community sporting organizations. They want to make sure teams and individuals have the proper "gear" to help them compete. Plus any member of the team who currently wears contacts or glasses will also have the chance to be fitted with CooperVision contact lenses for an entire year.

To enter you must complete the online form and create a short video or series of photos introducing your team and why you think you should win. What could you use the grant for? Whatever you think your team needs to succeed: new jerseys or uniforms, new equipment, transportation funds to your next away game.  You must hurry though, because the deadline to submit is June 25th.

Visit the link below for additional information and to submit your video and application.

All the best,

Justin Schoonover

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