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Vision and Eye Care Bloglist

Last night I  gave a talk to optometrists about how social media can be used market their practices. It was a small group that was extremely interactive and I had a good time. You can see the Prezi, if you are interested.

Within the presentation, I provided a short list of eye care and vision blogs that I read and explained how essential an RSS reader is. I personally use Google Reader. (If you do not understand RSS, watch this.)

So below is the full list of vision related blogs I follow. Sorry I didn't clean it up a bit more, but I did kick out any defunct blogs I found while editing the list. It is a bit long, but you can skim it and hopefully find a few things that are interesting or useful to you. And just because I have it listed, doesn't mean I endorse it, just that I read it. I did bold a few that I think are particularly interesting.

Don't see your blog or your favorite eye care blog? Be sure to let me know!

See Well!
Dr. Nate

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD
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11 responses to “Vision and Eye Care Bloglist”

  1. This is very true. It seems like many in the profession are not making use of the web effectively.

  2. almontgreen says:

    Thank you for listing my blog. I am behind schedule with articles related to my development of autostereoscopic photographs and the potential for them to be used for evaluating stereopsis in non-communicative children. But I hope to get to it soon!

  3. Natebw says:

    Glad to include you! Your work is unique and interesting.

  4. Hafiz says:

    Hi Dr. Nate I believe social media has big potential to be a platform for profesional to expose their expertise and services. Only deep understanding how it works must be aquired first.

    Vampire Contact Lenses

  5. russbeachod says:

    Hey, great list…..we'd love to get on too

  6. Natebw says:

    Will do. Thanks for the link!

  7. russbeachod says:

    Hey, great list…..we'd love to get on too

  8. Natebw says:

    Will do. Thanks for the link!

  9. Pete says:

    I am so thankful I have found this blog… I am actually gathering information about vision and eye care and I have found this blog spot. Your list of sites made my task easier, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I learned a lot today.

  10. This is an awesome list. thanks!

  11. Oliver99 says:

    You got some massive list right here. I should be able to learn some tips with these links. Great job!

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