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A New Book – See It. Say It. Do It.

“If you imagine it, you can achieve it.  If you dream it, you can become it.”- William Arthur Ward

How many times have we seen the impossible become possible through a simple thought or dream?  Can you imagine all the possibilities and opportunities that would open up in your life just by taking one small step towards your dream or goal?

In Dr. Lynn F. Hellerstein’s book, See It.  Say It.  Do It!, she reinforces this concept of visualization.  By teaching a child to visualize first,  then to verbally affirm that goal as if he has already achieved  it, and finally to take the necessary actions to accomplishing that goal, you are giving that child invaluable tools that will last him his whole lifetime.  You will have instilled a self-confidence that would ensure him to become successful in any area of his life.

It sounds so simple, and yet we don’t even realize what an impact it could actually have in our daily lives.  Some of us already use visualization and don’t even know it, but we don’t use visualization to its full potential.  But if we start now , we can teach ourselves, children, and others how such a simple, yet powerful concept can truly alter people’s lives forever.

Dr.  Hellerstein shows us how easily we can learn and teach visualization techniques by giving us step-by-step instructions and fun activities that can be utilized in any age group.  If you want to make a difference in someone’s life, or even in your own, then you need to read this book and discover for yourself just how powerful your visualization can be for you!

Edna Moore, Vision Therapist

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  1. rosguerrero says:

    Inspiring post. The title alone is powerful!

  2. thanks for sharing. I like this info. thanks for you. good posting. nice appearance.

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