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Introducing Linea Roma

Justin Schoonover, the Production Manager at Bright Eyes will be contributing some entries to Bright Eyes News. This post concerns our new Feature of the Month, Linea Roma.  I look forward to more of his writing. - Dr. B

Here at Bright Eyes Family Vision Care, we are excited to introduce a new addition of frames to our selection, Linea Roma!

Linea Roma was created in 1988 by a french eye-wear designer living in Florida.  Inspired by the multicultural styles of  Miami Beach, these frames shine with uniqueness. Each frame is manufactured exclusively in the Cadore region of Italy where over 200 models are produced each year, thus creating a large and constantly new selection of attractive frames.

Our new line consists of charming designs suitable for business and everyday wear.  They include elegant and sophisticated plastic, metal, and semi-rimless frames, some of which have leather temples, or sides.  Although the majority of our other frame selections are predominantly male or female, Linea Roma provides a great collection for both men and women.  In addition, we are proud to be one of only ten locations  in Florida to offer this line.

I personally am very excited about showing these frames to our customers!  We even sold a pair before we put them on display. I am confident that our customers will share the excitement!

All the best,

Justin Schoonver
Production Manager
Bright Eyes Family Vision Care
Westchase, Tampa, FL
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