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Patients undergoing cataract surgery can now choose from wide range of replacement lenses

It used to be that when people had cataracts, they waited until they were almost blind before getting surgery. When they could no longer do things like read, drive, watch TV, or cook dinner, then it was time for cataract surgery.

Times have certainly changed! Not only is the procedure much more advanced and safer, but the new hi-tech lens implants can allow for glasses-free vision (both distance and up close!) for many patients.

From the New York Times:

Patients can now choose from a wide range of artificial lenses. The most common are monofocal lenses, which focus vision at a single distance, the way a pair of standard glasses does. Before surgery, ophthalmologists test the eyes to choose the best prescription for the artificial lens, based on whether patients are nearsighted or farsighted or have normal vision.

Multifocal lenses, designed to focus both up close and at a distance, are a newer option. They are particularly appealing because by the time people develop cataracts, usually starting in their 60s, most suffer from presbyopia and require reading glasses. Presbyopia occurs when the body’s natural lens stiffens with age and eye muscles can no longer focus it for close vision.

If you have concerns about your vision and you are worried about cataracts, the first step is to get an comprehensive eye exam. Then, if it turns out you do have cataracts, we can discuss surgery.Here in Tampa Bay, we are lucky. we have several world-class surgeons who perform excellent cataract surgery. I can help you find the surgeon that is right for you.

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