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Vision Therapy Blogger: Seeing in 3D is “Pure Joy”

I stumbled upon another new vision therapy blog today. Like Pam, Heather is a talented writer who is sharing her "Stereo Sue" type of experience with vision therapy.

Here is a snippet:

Seeing in stereo is not only incredible visually, but there is another thing that seems to come along with the act of seeing differently and that is how I feel as I see. It is amazing. There are no words to describe it, it is pure joy. It is a long thirst that I am finally brain seems to say, this feels good! When I see that space I think that we are not alone, there is something bigger in all that invisible glue, there has to be. It is divine. My little fat dog walking down the hall slowly towards me looking so different. It is almost like I am in a dream or in the past. I see things as they are, but in 3D they are imbued with something that is like a feeling of deja vu. I still haven't figured out why seeing in stereo does this to me.

This is very exciting for me to read, because it illustrates why doctors like myself provide vision therapy. It is not because we find tremendous satisfaction in knowing that a patients eyes are straight or are moving correctly. It is because we know what an amazing improvement in quality of life can occur. This is true for children or adults. Adults, like Heather, frequently can express their awareness of this improvement in a much clearer and beautiful way.

I look forward to reading more about Heather's adventures in Vision therapy!

Be Well!

Dr. Nate

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD
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One response to “Vision Therapy Blogger: Seeing in 3D is “Pure Joy””

  1. Chelsea Hurst says:

    Oh my! I can’t wait! I’m going through therapy right now. For the first time in my life, I was able to see one of the little cats during the 3D test! I can’t wait until my whole world is 3D!

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