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Home » General Information » How Long Has it Been Since Your Last Eye Exam?

How Long Has it Been Since Your Last Eye Exam?

Welcome to the first Bright Eyes News poll! If this works, and is interesting, We'll have more in the future.

Please take a moment to select your answer! Thanks!

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3 responses to “How Long Has it Been Since Your Last Eye Exam?”

  1. kathy says:

    My last full eye exam was my first year in optometry school; I graduated in 1989. Isn’t that sad????? I am embarrassed to admit that!

  2. Mark R. Sukoenig, OD says:

    OK, I’ll come get a comprehensive EE next time I’m in Florida, or the home city of another Optcomlistee.

    Self refractions are easy. I can have staff shoot fundus photos and run me on GDx and Matrix. But I can’t get an active internal view of my own eyes.

    Nate, thanks for reminding me to take my own advice, as given so many times each workday.


  3. Ryan Haiar says:

    I also do the self refraction and used to look at my own Optos. I haven’t had a DFE or a pressure check since the ICO days. And my wife is an OD! That’s horrible.

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