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For Children: Vision Screening or Eye Exam ?

This is an absolutely must-see video for parents who have questions about why an comprehensive evaluation is important early in life. It also explains the differences between a comprehensive eye exam and vision screening.

If you want more great information about this, check out the Vision First Foundation.


Dr. Nate

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4 responses to “For Children: Vision Screening or Eye Exam ?”

  1. visionfirst says:

    Thanks for posting this powerful video on your blog. You’re right…it IS a must-see for all parents!

    I’d also like to add it is a must-see for all educators and legislators, too. Every state should have a required vision screening disclaimer for parental notification, or “Amy’s Law,” and every child entering kindergarten should have an eye examination by an eye doctor.

    Our children deserve the best. Vision screenings are out-of-the-question. Comprehensive eye and vision examinations are the answer. 🙂

  2. […] Also, if you’d like to watch a short video on the difference between screenings and eye exams, click here. […]

  3. Awesome video. Thanks for posting.

  4. I think each and every parent should watch this video to get an idea about their children’s eyes and which stage they are…

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