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Home » Patient Education » Eye Yoga Part Two – Head Swings

Eye Yoga Part Two – Head Swings

This is the second of three posts on Eye Yoga. You can find the first post here.

Head Swings

Set-up: Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart and bearing equal weight. Your hands should be comfortably at your side.

  1. You should fix your eyes on a non-moving target at least five feet away.
  2. Turn your head as far to the left as possible, keeping your eyes fixed forward on the target ahead. With this exercise your eyes stay steady on the target in front, and your head and neck are moving. As with the Eye Stretches in Part One, try to be aware of how your head and eyes feel as you do this.
  3. Now turn your head to the right, keeping your eyes fixed forward on the target ahead.
  4. Continue in this manner until all the head has been moved in all 8 gazes: up, down, left, right, upper right, lower left, upper left and lower right.
  5. Proceed to moving head in a slow circle, first clockwise and then counter clockwise.
  6. Next simulate figure 8’s and also random movements.

As with any new activity or exercise program, start slowly at first. If you experience significant pain, double vision, or other visual problems, consult your Optometrist.

Dr. Nate

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