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Not Autistic or Hyperactive. Just Seeing Double at Times

I recently discovered another article about binocular vision that is worth reading. It concerns one young patient who has been suspected to have several conditions, including autism and ADHD, before an Optometrist discovered that she actually had convergence insufficiency.

Unfortunately, because the symptoms of disorders such as attention problems and autism are very similar to those of binocular vision disorders, it can be very difficult to determine what the true problem is. Not only that, but many children have multiple conditions, but not all of them are diagnosed.

This is why a thorough evaluation of visual skills is recommended for every child, especially those who are struggling or are suspected of having behavioral or other problems. If there is a visual problem it may or may not be the primary source, but eliminating it can go a long way to helping other problems....

Click here to read the article.

Dr. Nate

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