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Why Do I Have a Hyphenated Last Name?

qmThis is probably the most common non-vision-related question that I get asked. People who haven't met me sometimes think that I am a woman, due to the hyphenated name. Those who have met me might wonder just how much Hispanic heritage I have, since Bonilla is a Hispanic name and I do not look Hispanic.
So here is the story: Before Cristina and I got married, I was Nathan James Warford and she was Cristina Michelle Bonilla. I am of mixed Anglo background and Cristina is 100% Puerto Rican. When we got engaged, we took each other's name and we are now both "Bonilla-Warford"

In some ways this is nice. The idea was to have the name represent that we were equals in the marriage. And Bonilla-Warford has a better "flow" than "Warford-Bonilla." Also, while neither Bonilla or Warford is particularly rare, I am confident that we are the only "Bonilla-Warfords" around.

However, there are downsides. Nobody can pronounce it. (It is pronounced: Bo NEE Ya WAR ford.) Nobody knows whether to file my info under B or W. (It is B.) And it's really is hard to remember. So I just have people call me Dr. B., or Dr. Nate.

So that is the answer. Be well!
Dr. Nate

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD
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2 responses to “Why Do I Have a Hyphenated Last Name?”

  1. Michael says:

    Christina must be rooting for Soto-Mayor. I am too. Also on vtod-list

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