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Why I Love Vision Therapy !

Although I provide many types of vision care each and every day, vision therapy is the most rewarding to me. I love that it is possible to truly change lives. The letter below is a prime example:

Dear Dr. Bonilla-Warford,

I wanted to let you know how our daughter has progressed since she went through vision therapy with you. As you remember, we had become very frustrated with her school struggles on all levels, due to her reluctance to (or our perceived reluctance) to read. Little did we know that her eye muscles weren't working properly and making the process so difficult to begin with!! Teachers would tell us "she just needs to read more". The extra hours we spent going over her class work at home, and the length of time it required to complete homework gave us many a tearful evening. Her self esteem suffered, and the school year was very tedious.

It was a chance article in the newspaper that brought the possibility of a vision deficiency (convergence) to light for us, and after our e-mail communications with you, decided to have her evaluated. Your diagnosis of her condition, and how vision therapy could correct the problem was a God-send to us. I am still amazed at how she progressed so well, and so quickly. We were certainly dedicated to the therapy, and were not deterred by the 2 1/2 hour drive to reach you. I appreciated your clear instructions, and explanations for the therapy prescribed.

To say the therapy was a success is an understatement. What a life changing success it has been for all of us! We continue to see her excel at school, and in new hobbies as well. She tells us reading is "easy" now, and her fluency reflects this in her testing. She actually likes to read, and has started choosing higher grade level books to read just for pleasure. Homework is a breeze, and she willingly does it on her own, in a normal timely manner. We have noticed that her eye hand coordination has improved greatly, as she now will play video games that she otherwise would avoid because "she wasn't good at it". Her art work in class has improved also. Her confidence and attitude are positive, and home life is much calmer these days. We are so grateful to you for your expertise and care.

If only other children with reading struggles could be evaluated for these problems, and receive the care they need. It could change the whole school system!

Thank you a million times for all your help.

Mrs. W.

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