Vision Therapy Co-management

At Bright Eyes Family Vision Care, our mission is to help patients reach their maximum vision potential. I provide primary vision care in my office, as well as specialized binocular vision evaluation and treatment, but since I do not specialize in everything, I refer patients to other vision professionals as appropriate.

When referring a patient to a specialist, I expect that the patient will receive the most skilled care and that I am involved and informed of that care. When optometrists refer patients to me for evaluation and management of binocular vision problems, I want them to feel the same way. For that reason, we encourage primary care optometrists to co-manage their patients who undergo binocular vision treatment at Bright Eyes.

The following policies are designed to insure that each patient referred for Vision Therapy evaluation and treatment with Dr. Bonilla-Warford will return to the referring doctor’s office for all primary vision care, contact lenses, and optical services.

  1. The co-managing doctor will receive a report after each patient evaluation.
  2. All optical services are referred back to the co-managing doctor’s  office when needed.  This policy will be made known to the patient  during the initial visit.
  3. Therapeutic lenses are frequently prescribed and adjusted.  All lens changes are referred back to the co-managing doctor’s office.
  4. All co-managed patient records are marked with the referring  doctor’s name and are archived after care at Bright Eyes is complete.
  5. When general binocular or visual-perceptual treatment is completed,  the patient is released back to the care of the co-managing doctor.  A co-managed patient is never recalled or placed in a recall list.
  6. No family member of the co-managed patient is scheduled for evaluations, unless referred by the co-managing doctor.

The Bright Eyes staff is happy to mail doctors a Binocular Vision Referral and Co-Management packet. Seminars or short presentations are available at the co-managing doctor’s office. Simply call (813) 792-0637 or email us at office@BrightEyesTampa.com. If you would like to refer a patient for evaluation and treatment, you can download our referral form here.

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