Specialized Visual Evaluations

Binocular Vision Evaluation - This in-depth evaluation will determine how efficiently the patient uses their eyes. Eye tracking, eye focusing, eye movement testing, and how well the eyes work together are all carefully evaluated and this information will indicate what type of treatment is necessary. This evaluation usually takes an hour and includes Visagraph III testing.

Visual Information Processing evaluation - This specialized evaluation uses standardized pencil and paper type tests to determine how well the patient makes sense of what the eyes see. Several processing skills that are used for reading are evaluated. This usually takes an hour and is scheduled the same day as the Binocular Vision Evaluation.

The Strabismus Evaluation - This evaluation will determine how often and how much the eye turns and what impact this eye turn has on daily life. This evaluation usually takes an hour.

Vision Therapy Conference - After a Binocular Vision Evaluation or a Visual Information Processing evaluation, patients and parents often have many questions. A 30 to 60 minute conference with the doctor is scheduled to ensure full understanding of the diagnosis, findings and recommendations. Afterwards, a detailed report of the findings and recommendation will be written and sent.

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